Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Batgirl Stuff!

Going to have a mixed bag of things here, but it's all Batgirl!


You may have guessed that this is a Gulliver figure from Argentina!


If only Ben Cooper had resisted the urge to put Batgirl's name on the insignia, this would've been just about perfect!


Very nice Batgirl glass, although I have to admit that same pose was used for a LOT of licensing!


Ugliest Batgirl figure ever? You decide!


I'm guessing these mask menus were produced blank on one side, so each restaurant could print their own menu on them! Nice idea!


The seller called this a Batgirl Purse Pouch, but I'm not sure if it was an actual licensed product!


  1. Hi there. 1. That's not a Gulliver Batgirl figure. They were made in Italy by Geneva a few years before they were available from Brazil, and Gulliver didn't distribute them in Brazil when they did.
    2. That's my photo of my Batgirl menu. No problem with you using it, but I'd like to be credited. thanks.

    Feel free to email me about Batman or Batgirl collectibles radioscooter at yahoo dot com.

  2. Ah, well, I was misinformed by the person who provided that image, then.

    Your Batgirl menu? I saved it from an eBay auction, but if you need credit for it, just let me know what credit you want, and I'll add it.