Monday, May 17, 2010

Party Invitations, Puzzle and Double-Vue!

You may be noticing that I'm featuring a number of items recently with Superman as well as Batman -- that's because I was using "WF" as a sorter in my file naming -- "WF" standing for "World's Finest," naturally, a book that (for the most part) featured Superman and Batman within its covers!


These invites are way cool, aren't they? I wonder if I have high res versions of the art for these, because I might re-create them for one of my son's birthday parties!


Some day I'll have to post a photo of the complete puzzle sold in this "oil can" style box -- you'll see that even though Superman and Batman share billing, Batman appears to be helpless in this situation!


Here's yet another movie viewer cartridge featuring Batman (as well as Superman), this was for View-Master's entry into the movie viewer field!


  1. I loved those old Double-Vue cartoon shorts.

  2. I would've loved to have 'em as a kid... and now, as well!