Friday, May 7, 2010

Super Juniors, Superbabies, and Supercase!

The Super Juniors and Super Babies lines, while at first glance indistinguishable, are actually two different lines...


This set of party decorations feature the Super Juniors (or "Super Jrs" if you prefer). The backstory is that these aren't actually toddler versions of the heroes, but rather some toddlers who somehow become imbued with the powers and abilities of the heroes!


The Superbabies line, however, purported to be baby versions of the super heroes... although as you can see, despite the box claiming "I'm Baby Batman!", I can easily say Shenanigans! Because Batman/Bruce Wayne does NOT have blonde hair!


The Supercase was promoted in the comics as the ultimate storage device... you could use it to store books, records, action figures, or anything else!

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