Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walkie Talkies, Super Queen Batgirl, and Sneak Previews!


I think I've posted a photo of these in the package before, but here they are loose so you can get a better look at 'em!


I don't believe I've shown a photo of this before... this Batgirl figure was part of Ideal's Super Queens line, which also included Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Mera! The line was kind of a complimentary one to their Captain Action line, just aimed towards girls.


The "Sneak Previews" was one of the entries in the movie viewer market that exploded for a brief time in the 1970s -- it seemed like everyone was getting in on the craze of producing little film loops in a cassette form that you could watch with a viewer -- personally, I think Kenner started it off in the 1960s with its Easy-Show Projector. Of course, home video killed this off pretty fast!

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