Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Japanese Cards, 3-D Glass Display, and Frame-Tray Puzzle!


The Japanese people must've went for Batman even more than the USA, given the range of products that come up on eBay every so often! I'd love to see what all these cards look like.


Here's another of those "I wish I had a much bigger photo of this" items... it's kind of a 3-D glass item, with the main figure on a layer above the background.


So, apparently, Playskool decided that before I was going to have kids, they would discontinue these very cool super-hero frame-tray puzzles... it's very disappointing to me, because I hate to pay a premium price to buy stuff for the kids to play with, even though a) I love to encourage geekery in my children, and b) my daughter especially loves to play with puzzles!

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