Sunday, November 14, 2010

Batman Album and 8-Track Tapes!


OK, starting from the left... this first 8-track-tape is the Batman TV show soundtrack currently available on CD, which had previously been sold as an LP and cassette... I have to admit, I didn't know it came out on 8-track!

The album in the middle is a classic... the Marketts did this whole album of music, only the first track of which was from the TV show (and it was their version of the theme song), but it's well worth a listen, because there's a song for just about everyone, mostly instrumental except for one line of vocals, repeated over and over (the Robin song has the refrain "Robin, the boy wonder, Robin," sung over and over, while the Joker song has a Joker laugh all the way through it).

The 8-track on the right? Well, 2-track, anyway... that I have no idea about!

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