Saturday, October 3, 2009

Corgi Batplane... or is it?




If you've ever looked for collectibles on eBay, it should come as no surprise to you that some sellers just plain don't know what they're trying to sell! The above item may be a case in point... the seller was quite certain that it's a Corgi Batplane, but I've always thought it was an Azrak-Hamway International (AHI) Batplane! The style of the packaging certainly indicates that, but then there's that globe logo with the "C" around it...

Since none of my research has ever shown that Corgi used a different logo than the dog silhouette, I can only determine that this must've been licensed from AHI by a different company... one whose name starts with a "C" but isn't Corgi. It may have even been a British company (given the position of the globe in the logo), but since there aren't any words with British spellings, it's hard to say for certain!

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