Friday, November 20, 2009

Japanese Menko Card Game!

What's a Menko Card Game? I have no idea -- but here's photos of a Batman Menko Game from Japan! Click for larger views!




  1. It's intersting that the symbols on the back are for Rock, Sissors, Paper. I wonder if you are playing that game with out doing the hand gestures yourself. I.E. Paper covers Rock, Rock breaks Sissors, Sissors cut Paper

  2. This might explain the game:

    "The rules of menko are quite simple and involves, for ease of writing, two ‘players’ with both placing their chosen menko on the ground and trying to flip the opponent’s menko by slamming it with a heavier or “slammer” menko. If you flip one of your foe’s cards you get to claim it and if he flips yours – the same applies. It’s actually a similar concept to the game of marbles and almost exactly like the POG craze in recent times."

    So they are like POGS, interesting.