Friday, December 18, 2009

Batman Records!

Time for another bunch of Batman records!


This Peter Pan "Read and Hear" book and record set appears to be a reissue of their earlier Power Records version!


This Official Adventures of Batman and Robin record should be available to download on the net somewhere... I believe the stories on this record were actually adapted from comics stories, because I recognized a few of them, including one where Bruce Wayne marries Kathy (Batwoman) Kane!


This one should also be available on the net somewhere. Remember the figural record sleeves? I think this album was the compilation of those records. You know, the ones like this one:



I'm not sure who produced this record... if the photo was sharper, I could actually read what it says!



These Power Records must've been from near the end of that imprint's lifespan!


I've heard about this album, but have never heard it, if that makes any sense to you!


I'm guessing that of all the Batman albums I've posted photos of, aside from the actual TV soundtrack, this one probably has the most accurate recording of the theme!


This is another novelty Batman album I've heard about, but haven't ever listened to!


This one just looks odd -- at least the center illustration!


Did you know there were so many Batman albums produced in the 1960s?

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