Thursday, December 10, 2009

Read "Lady Action #1" For FREE!

Got the following in my email this morning I figured would be of interest to my fellow geeks (I'll be cross-posting this to some of my other blogs, too):

Sneak-A-Peek at Lady Action Free Comic Promotion
Comic offered free BEFORE on-sale date

New York, NY December 4, 2009: Moonstone Books, Captain Action Enterprises, LLC and Panelfly have announced their “Sneak-A-Peek at Lady Action” promotion, offering readers an opportunity to download the entire comic for free – before it goes on sale nationwide.

Consumers can download the free issue exclusively on either their PC or iPhone from Panelfly at

Lady Action Special #1, by Tony Lee and Jake Minor will be on sale December 23, 2009. At that time, the comic will still be offered online, but at the standard $.99 online price.

The Special showcases an espionage adventure featuring the sexy British spy, Lady Action. While she is a part of the Captain Action mythos, fans need not keep up with regular series to enjoy this done-in-one adventure.

“We think fans will be very impressed by this sneak peak of Lady Action. It’s a cool story with surprises and strong art”, said Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises, LLC.

The story is penned by British writer, Tony Lee. "One thing the comics world has been missing recently is a beautiful, kick-ass, sarcastic and sultry temptress who can shoot the wings off a fly and kill a man with her thumbs. Oh, and did I mention that she just has to be British...?” said Lee. Newcomer Jake Minor supplies the art.

The Lady Action Special will certainly delight toy collectors as well. Michael Eury, the celebrated author of TwoMorrow’s recent coffee table book, Captain Action: The Original Super Hero Action Figure, provides an analysis of the ultra-rare Super Queens toys, Ideal’s 1968 sister line to Captain Action. “It’s a fun, light, Maxim-style article, except here the pictures of the hot girls are real dolls”, joked author Michael Eury.

“We wanted retailers to be able to preview this comic. It’s a no-risk way for comic shop owners to see if it’s right for their clientele. And we think they’ll really like this one” said Moonstone publisher Joe Gentile.

Panelfly’s Wade Slitkin said, ‘”We’re excited to bring Lady Action to the public before she is given life in print. This launch showcases how a publisher can harness the outreaching abilities of the digital platform. We’re honored to kick in the door with Lady Action.”

The Lady Action Special will be showcased in New York City at The Comic Book Club Live on Tuesday, January 12th. More information and tickets at

“The new year looks to be full of action”, promised Captain Action’s Joe Ahearn. We have the Phantom/Captain Action team-up, our CA Special and ‘Season 2’ Captain Action series, all slated for spring 2010.”

“Let’s face it - it’s been a tough year for everyone. This free comic is also meant to be a nice little present for the fans who’ve made our Captain Action reintroduction such a success”, said Captain Action’s Ed Catto. ”And, of course, if fans then want to buy the floppy, or tell their friends about it, we’re appreciative of the buzz, too.”

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