Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walkie Talkies and Captain Action Costumes!


These AHI-manufactured "walkie-talkies" are pretty cheap stuff, eh?


The costumes you see above were accessories for Ideal's wonderful "Captain Action" line. Captain Action and Action Boy could become a variety of comic book and comic strip characters by dressing them in these costumes! Sadly, the only villain in the original line was Dr. Evil (yes, the same name as Austin Powers' nemesis) -- Ideal didn't even get the idea to offer, say, a Joker costume for Dr. Evil!


  1. I had a couple of the C/A and A/B sets (only Aqualad for A/B), but ALWAYS DREAMED of these two. Really will never figure out why my parents never got them for me (unless the store was just out of them..), but after 30 years I FINALLY got a minty Robin set loose.

    It is spectacular. I had a minty Batman loose set for a while and that was fine, but HAD to have Robin..!

  2. Good for you! I never had the originals, but I was collecting the reissues for a while!