Thursday, February 10, 2011

Revell Model Kit!


In the very late 1990s or early 2000, Revell (who apparently had the license and molds previously held by Aurora) did yet another reissue of three of the old Aurora kits, this time they only released Batman, Robin and Superman. I think since this reissue, Polar Lights took over the license, but I could be wrong.


  1. Unfortunately, despite what it says on the boxes of the three kits, none of them contained the parts as originally released in the '60s. They all had new heads from the 1984 releases of the kits by MPC, and the kits also featured changes and omissions from the mid-'70s releases of the kits by Aurora. Technically speaking, Revell could be sued for false advertising - the kits weren't what they claimed to be.

    1. I did not know that, I thought Aurora wouldn't have gone to the expense of making new molds in the 1970s release!